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Tikki has combined his own personal love of fitness and training with his vast knowledge of exercise, physiology and psychology to create the ultimate fitness experience! Whether it be at a Bootcamp, HIIT Class, a Group or Personal Trainer session, or a Sports Massage Tikki offers a unique attitude to training and a great sense of fun that ensures that when you join up you are guaranteed to meet your goals, feel supported along the way and most importantly, enjoy the experience.

Based out of Braywick Park in Maidenhead, Tikki also provides indoor or outdoor Personal Training and Sports Massage in the comfort of your home or workplace in  Ascot, Burnham, Cookham, Flackwell Heath, Holyport, Maidenhead, Marlow and Windsor.

Personal Trainer

Tikki Training offers personal training sessions in Maidenhead, and the immediate surrounding areas.

Our personal training sessions can be used to facilitate a multitude of goals, such as weight loss, managing anxiety, developing strength or just learning how to exercise safely.

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Sessions can be designed as one on one, for partners or small groups (3 – 4 people).  Every session is bespoke to you, or your group, to ensure that you are meeting your goals as efficiently as possible.

Not only this but we can provide training programmes for you to complete in your own time and are here to answer your questions, and offer support, whenever you need!

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maidenhead bootcamp

Our Bootcamp sessions run three times a week, in Braywick Park, Maidenhead; come rain or shine!

Tuesday 6.30 p.m.

Wednesday 6.30 p.m.

Saturday 10.00 a.m.

Sessions are based on the HIIT principle (high intensity interval training) and include a combination of body weight exercises and use of equipment.

The sessions are run in such a way that everyone is challenged and pushed to their own limits, therefore, any ability, fitness or age is more than welcome!

Our regular attendees include a huge range, from ex-international sportsmen to those just starting out on their health and fitness journey.

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Sports Massage

We offer Sports Massage within Maidenhead and the local area. This is available at Braywick or at your home or workplace.

Our sessions use a variety of techniques with the aim of relieving your symptoms, such as muscle tension, repetitive injuries or poor recovery time.

tikki training sports massage

This is done by using our vast knowledge and expertise of the body, and specifically the musculoskeletal system. Through appropriate application of sports massage, our therapists are able to improve circulation and lymphatic flow, assist in the removal of metabolic waste, remodel scar tissue and impact muscle length.

Not only can Sports Massages assist with any aches and niggles you have it can also assist with performance if timed correctly around your sporting events.

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Health and Fitness Testing

Tikki Training Maidenhead Health and fitness training

Tikki Training offers an annual health and fitness testing programme to help ensure you are reaching your targets and progressing appropriately. This consists of: Quarterly health checks to measure your weight, body fat, visceral fat, blood pressure and metabolic age. Monthly fitness tests to measure your strength and cardiovascular progress. Without monitoring your progress you are unable to set realistic goals and can often become de-motivated. Our health and fitness testing package allows you to compete against yourself throughout the year whilst being supported by the Tikki Training community.

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HIIT fit – muay thai

tikki hiit classes maidenhed

Tikki Training is proud to introduce our latest class…..HIIT Fit!  HIIT Fit runs every Thursday at 7 p.m. at Sportsable, Braywick, Maidenhead. 

The classes combine learning the techniques of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) with high-intensity interval training. Muay Thai involves both punches and kicks meaning it really is a whole body work out that will leave your muscles hurting, even before we start sparring!

Tikki himself competes in Muay Thai so is very excited to teach the Tikki Training warriors some new skills and share his love and enthusiasm for the sport!

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Enjoyment is central to all elements of Tikki Training so throughout the year there is a host of social and team building events organised. These are a great way for participants to get to know each other better and to build friendships.


Once a quarter we have an obstacle race. Obstacle racing is becoming increasingly popular and with good reason. It challenges your comfort zones.

After each event, we head to a restaurant for a well-earned dinner and drinks and opportunity to compare injuries that we acquired throughout the day!

On occasion, we try and enjoy ourselves out of our sweaty gym kit and in something more suitable for socialising down the pub. It gives us chance to get to celebrate all our hard work with our friends and hopefully make some new ones.

upcoming events


Tuesday: Bootcamp 6.30 pm

Wednesday: Bootcamp 6.30 pm

Thursday: HIIT & Muay Thai 7 pm

Saturday: Bootcamp 10 am


30 June – Tormentor

28 July – The Dash

1 September – Tormentor

29 September – The Dash


7 July – Health Check

6 October – Health Check

15 December – Health Check

recent Events

Urban Ninja 2017

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If you’re looking for a personal trainer who’ll train you right, but will put you at ease, then look no further than Tikki Training. He is loads of fun and energetic, so you’ll be in the right hands. Plus you’re guaranteed to make friends at Bootcamp with a welcoming and friendly bunch of people. So join and get them gains – best in Maidenhead.

Erynn Lester

I have had the benefit of training with Tikki for almost 2 years now and I have made the most of his circuits and bootcamps and we now do a personal training session together once a week (yes, I do them all)!

I started training with Tik to supplement my rowing training and was amazed at how much stronger and fitter I became- quickly!

Great with newcomers and fitness newbies, Tik is able to cater for all abilities but be prepared to work hard from the outset.

The Personal Trainer sessions we do together are intense and focus on my personal fitness goal- this session is always punctual and well thought out. Notwithstanding the fact that his classes are great, Tik is also willing and able to advise on post-exercise requirements and diet in order to give your fitness a boost.

Personally, I always like to know why I am exercising in a particular way and Tik is always able to underline the fitness work with a decent dose of knowledge. Basically, come and give Tikki Training a go- you will not regret it!

Jenna Lloyd-Williams

I would positively recommend Tikki as a personal trainer / fitness instructor. After 10 years of progressively getting out of shape, I finally bit the bullet and decided to re-unite with a gym membership. It was challenging to get myself back into the fitness game and I set my self a difficult challenge – to lose 3.5 stones! I trialled several classes, including women’s Zumba (by accident)! and then I joined Tikki’s circuit class. Tikki presents his classes in a structured way, whilst introducing humour and comradary. There is a conscientious effort to encourage team events outside of the gym, as a team, and Tikki encourages an openness to discuss fitness and share experiences, in a friendly environment. I have now achieved my target weight and I continue to be a committed member of Tikki’s gruelling circuits – which I love!

Ahmed Adnani

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Ask how our packages can help you achieve your optimum performance.

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Ask how our packages can help you achieve your optimum performance.

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